Exposé: worst face scenario with an autoimmune condition

A terrible thing happened this morning.

I woke up looking as bad as I’ve been feeling.





*Important note: I felt this way a couple of days ago. The silly wordplay for the title came to me last night, when I scheduled the post. The sentiment resonates over and over again, unfortunately! Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Exposé: worst face scenario with an autoimmune condition

  1. Realizing now how obvious this should have been, let me say that I felt worse two days ago, when I looked in the mirror in the morning and wondered how the hag got into my bedroom. 😉

    Yesterday, the funny word play (worse FACE scenario) occurred to me, so I scheduled this post after my teen agreed that it was an amusing title.

    Today is a somewhat better day, so I’m grateful for that, and for concerned family and friends. Having received two comments (and a worried call from my husband!), I felt the need to clarify my timeline.

    I overthink, so my posts are often less than current.

    What’s the opposite of breaking news? I’ll deliver the “previously broken news that’s been swept up and deposited in the bin but makes kind of an interesting pattern there.”

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