Destination: New Zealand

Destination: New Zealand

A small island nation deep in the South Pacific, New Zealand is hard to reach from most of the rest of the world. Once there, however, expect to see breathtaking scenery and meet hospitable locals. Sheep outnumber citizens, and agriculture still provides the majority of exportable goods, but tourism has become the larger source of income since ∼2016.

img_8259You’ll find my personal experiences, or those of my family, here.

What I wore in New Zealand: summer capsule wardrobe for 10 days out of Christchurch

Managing chronic pain on the 12+ hour flight to New Zealand

NZ flight map on monitor - 1

South Island

NZ Crane over stone building umbrellasChristchurch area

NZ Hagley Park gateNew Zealand Day 0: Hagley Park perambulation & restaurant revelations

Roma on Riccarton Luxury Motel in Christchurch, New Zealand: everything you need, with a smile

Christchurch Botanical Gardens and Ilex Cafe: a bevy of birds and 1 bad barista

Velvet Burger restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurch, NZ

img_6339West Coast

Hokitika Gorge and the town of the same name on New Zealand’s West Coast