On books and learning

I’ve noticed that I often bring up in conversation one or more of the fascinating books I’ve been reading lately, only to fail utterly at recalling titles or authors’ names. I’ll take the opportunity every week to post an update on books I’ve been reading:

Books by my bedside 2018/04/18

Books by my bedside 2017/09/14

Books by my bedside 2017/07/06

Books by my bedside 2017/06/09

Books by my bedside 2017/05/23

Books by my bedside 2017/05/10

Books by my bedside 2017/04/23

I check books out from the library

I try to check books out from my local, public library whenever possible. This is cost effective and good for the planet.

I read on a Kindle

I read a lot of novels electronically on my Kindle. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, so this is also cost effective. The Kindle is lighter in weight than my other devices or books made from paper, which lets me read longer while minimizing joint pain in my fingers and wrists.

I read lots of books at any given time

When I was young, I prided myself on finishing every book I started. That’s not true anymore. I read as much of a book as I need; I give myself permission to stop reading a book I’m not enjoying.

I cycle through interests over time. When something strikes my fancy, I’ll often check out several (or, occasionally, dozens of) titles at once, then skim the books and cull the best from the pile.

I might not list every book I’ve taken out if I haven’t glanced at a big heap yet. On the other hand, I may list a book I haven’t even cracked open. Please don’t try to hold me accountable for the content of every book I mention on my book lists, but please feel free to comment if you want to know more.

I’ll share whatever I can that’s useful if you ask.