Affiliate links & related earnings

If Really Wonderful Things ever earns me any money, I will identify sources of affiliate income here in the interest of full disclosure.

Any blog post that includes affiliate links will include a note to that effect on the same page (at minimum); in general, there will be notification within the text of any post immediately adjacent to an affiliate link.

As of January 1, 2021, I’ve made $0 (zero) from Really Wonderful Things. Maintaining my blog thus far only costs me money as I pay for WordPress premium service and domain name registration. It is a labor of love.

If you follow my affiliate link and become a customer of the business I’m endorsing, I will receive a financial incentive from that individual or company. I will never post an opinion behind which I’m unwilling to stand, but I promise to always be transparent about whether I will realize monetary gain from a reader taking my advice on a product or service.