Exposé: Sonic storm

You know a storm is intense when its caterwauling drowns out the car stereo, and you’re playing AC/DC.

“Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!”

The nor’easter isn’t over yet, but today finds it battering me inside of my house instead of my car. I had to wear earplugs to sleep through the periodic BOOM! Shakes that went on all night as the wind swirled and gusted.

DH and I both noticed that this particular weather event seemed to have it in for fences rather than the usual trees and limbs. I also saw two three porta-potties down on different building sites. Ew!

Here’s our own small gift from Mother Nature:nor'easter fence down - 1

I remain grateful that there will be nothing to shovel when this one finishes blowing through, however.

nor'easter snow - 1

Snow reaching top of 6 ft privacy fence after storm

One thought on “Exposé: Sonic storm

  1. Living in Ontario, I can sympathize with snow woes. We caught a bit of the tail and of that storm on Friday night. We were driving back from Toronto on a major highway, when it hit. We got about four inches of snow in less than an hour, not much by Canadian standards, but enough to cause a multiple car crash in front of us.

    Plenty of emergency vehicles, and we still don’t know how bad the injuries were… plus it added another two hours to a four hour drive at the end of two, long days. Though I feel a bit guilty for thinking about that, when there were people being put on ambulances. All the same, it could all have been avoided if drivers had just slowed down, and kept their distance from the car in front.

    Anyway, all the best! Stay warm, and stay safe!

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