Posting schedule: summer vacation is for blogging moms, too

I’ve been posting almost daily since April, when I started in earnest to write Really Wonderful Things. I hope that all of this hard work has built up a nice portfolio on a variety of topics, and that my archives now have lots to offer for new readers who stop by.

Starting immediately, my summer schedule will be a post on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

PEI beachSummer vacation, for us, means travel, family activities, and time away from our desks. Wifi isn’t readily available—nor would I want it there!—in the wilderness.*

I’m not neglecting those of you who do me the honor of following RWT. I’m unplugging. It’s supposed to be good for you.

And I’m really only unplugging a little bit.

If I have access to Wifi, I will still read and answer comments every day.

Contact phoneI expect I will continue reading most, if not all, of the blogs I follow, too. Following a blog can feel like making a friend. I want to find out what happens next.

I reserve the right to write extra posts at any time. I may not be able to help sharing Really Wonderful Things that I learn, see, or do this summer. I’m an enthusiastic over-sharer. It’s who I am.

Here’s wishing every reader** a summer season abundant in everything really wonderful to you.OR Florence - 2011

*Maybe wilderness can be defined here as the local park, or a campground with hot showers, but the point remains.

**I know I have some followers from the Southern Hemisphere. You are headed into winter. Perhaps my summer posts can help warm your cold days.

5 thoughts on “Posting schedule: summer vacation is for blogging moms, too

  1. I hope that you’ll have fun during your summer vacation and please don’t worry about us too much!

    PS: It’s summer all year round here. Haha.

      • Yes! To stay and experience the four seasons once through will be something very new to me! 超楽しみにしています!(I’m really looking forward to it!)

      • Now I feel my mothering mode switching on: buy a set of thin silk (or poly if your budget is tight) long johns (long underwear) to add as a layer under your clothes as the weather gets colder. You can extend the use of your usual wardrobe while staying comfortable, but still be warm enough even if you’re used to a warmer climate.

        Tights under trousers work, too, but aren’t as comfortable to wear all day, every day.

      • Feel free to switch on your mothering mode xD Actually, I did go to Japan during the winter before on holiday, so I already have Uniqlo’s Heattech clothes as an inner layer. I’m not exactly sure what they are made up of, but they seem to do the job pretty well. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind though! Thanks! 😀

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