Supreme Court deprived me of religious liberty today

In America’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers stated that each of us was “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Today, the United States Supreme Court issued a deeply flawed decision that deprives American women of all three inalienable rights—by forcing unwilling pregnant individuals to carry unwanted embryos to term, violating what should be the inviolable sovereignty of the body itself—while simultaneously depriving Jewish people of their religious liberty.

This is an activist Court, wantonly sullying America’s most cherished ideals. Here’s how Justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett deprived me, today, of my right to freely exercise my Jewish religion:

According to thousands of years of Jewish understanding, a fetus is not yet a person (נפש)‎, though it holds the potential to become one. Instead, an embryo is a part of its mother’s body. Until 40 days after conception, Judaism considers the contents of the womb “like water” or “mere fluid.” Explicitly stated, abortion is not murder under Jewish law.

Jewish law actually requires that a fetus be surgically excised from the womb if a mother is imperiled during its delivery and the majority of the baby’s body is not yet delivered outside her body. There is Biblical, Talmudic, and rabbinic support for this position, though obviously individual Jews may hold different personal interpretations.

Here’s a good overview of this difficult topic from the Jewish perspective.

The highly partisan Supreme Court of 2022 is trampling on my First Amendment right to freely exercise my religion by forcing its distinctly Christian interpretation of their own poorly translated from the Hebrew and Aramaic Bible upon everyone in the U.S.A., regardless of the faith—or lack thereof—of each person affected by their decisions.

No state can be allowed to trample the religious liberty of its inhabitants. Isn’t that the promise of the U.S. Constitution? Are these justices actually so blinded by their personal faith that they’re rejecting its most basic protections? If so, these six are unfit for the job. If they’re dismantling the Constitution intentionally to promote their Christian faith, they are as traitorous as the January 6th seditionists and should be prosecuted accordingly.

I am an American, Jewish woman. I demand both personal sovereignty over my own body and freedom to practice my religion.

2 thoughts on “Supreme Court deprived me of religious liberty today

  1. > inviolable sovereignty of the body itself
    indeed!! But I wonder what % of people who agree with this still think it should be illegal for women (or men) to sell their organs if they want to, or take on experimental medical treatments or use various devices (CPAP). Many people talk about how your body belongs to you and you alone, but then once adult, sane people want to make decisions about it and its contents, different groups focus on different aspects to regulate and limit.

    • A great point, and it brings one right into the thicket of how much, if any, assessment is a fair burden for the state to lay upon a person making a choice that cannot be undone. Abortion, obviously, or donating a vital organ, but also end of life decisions such as physician assisted suicide or even DNR orders.

      I’m not sure I see commodifying body parts and allowing their sale as the same beast as giving them away. As with selling babies, cash for organs reeks of slavery and fiscal oppression. If a parent wants to give an organ to her dying child, though…

      Certainly I removed the WiFi card from my CPAP before I first used it, and I learned how to read its data and adjust the settings myself. I will never take one that can’t be managed by the end user/patient unless someone demonstrates a high likelihood of harm.

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