6 thoughts on “Campsite or quarantine: solar oven & thermal cooker for safe & easy outdoor meals

  1. The solar oven makes amazing potatoes and root vegetables, and great fish sticks too. I can’t quite figure out the marker that’s supposed to indicate proper sun angle, but close enough is good enough!

    • I think you are right about the angle: the GoSun Sport oven might work even better if aimed perfectly to match the sun, but it also seems to work fine within a range of angles.

  2. Fascinating! I’ve never used a solar cooker. Sounds perfect for a family of 4. I prefer roasted vegetables too!

    • GoSun does make both a smaller and a larger oven, so there are options, but the Sport is a good size for someone trying out a new gadget.

      For a family of four, the Sport is definitely more of a “side dish” size. To put that into perspective, the photo of the tray “kind of too full” to roast vegetables filled one pasta plate. I ate almost the entire portion I cooked as the entirety of my dinner (having reserved just a small side bowl’s worth for someone else’s side dish to meat main dish.)

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